Boat Racking

Racking Annual Fee*
Senior Dinghies by Rack Level
4th Level $235.00
3rd Level $235.00
2nd Level $365.00
Ground Level $580.00
Junior Dinghies and Other Craft
Junior Boats: MJs, BICs etc $120.00
Windsurfers $100.00
Kayaks, Surfskis $670.00
Canoes $470.00

* Please note these fees apply as at 01/09/2017. The Club reserves the right to vary these fees at any time.


Boat storage is available for Club members over the age of 18. Racking fees are shown above and in the Club Handbook. Applications for boats sailed by a member under 18 must be made by the member’s parent. An application fee of $50 must be paid at the time of application (see below for payment details).

Click here to download the Boat Storage Licence Agreement.


Applicant Details
Racking details
Boat Details
Licence Agreement
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To contact our Membership and Racking Officer, Murray Freeman:

       Phone: 0412 667 934 

       Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank Details for Payments:

     BSB: 633 000

      Account Number: 153560891

      Account Name: Balmoral Sailing Club Incorporated

      Reference: Your surname with the word "racking"


Racking Information

  1. Each racking application must be accompanied by a Racking Application Fee of $50.00 (non-refundable) for each boat. The fee is payable for each individual racking application made, including applications from new owners of boats already racked at the club.
  2. Racking fees are payable annually in advance. Fees become due and payable on 1 September each year. A late payment fee may be charged on any fee paid after the due date.
  3. You will not necessarily be allocated a rack at the level requested. All non-sailing craft will be allocated a 3rd or 4th level rack.
  4. Boats racked with the club MUST compete at least one week in three in the club's sailing program. The board may grant an exemption to this rule in extenuating circumstances. Applications for exemption must be made IN WRITING to the board. Failure to comply with this condition may result in your boat being either re-allocated to another rack or removed from the clubhouse.
  5. Racking spaces are NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  6. Should you wish to remove your boat from the clubhouse, you must advise the club in writing. All outstanding fees, including the current fee, must be paid prior to the boat being removed.
  7. Keys to the boat storage bays are available for $70.00 from the Racking Officer, Murray Freeman. The $70.00 is refundable on return of the key.
  8. Bays are to be kept locked when you are rigging on the beach or out sailing. Don't rely on other people to lock up! Please be security conscious at all times as equipment has gone missing from the boat storage bays as a result of carelessness.
  9. All boats are racked at the owner’s own risk. The club is not responsible for any boats or equipment that are damaged or removed from the clubhouse. Security of any boats and equipment is the owner’s responsibility.
  10. Any boat stored on the club premises, for which racking fees have not been paid, is liable to be removed from the club premises. The club reserves the right to recoup outstanding racking fees by selling boats for which racking fees have not been paid.
  11. Ensure all equipment is clearly marked with your name and sail number and is stored in your rack with your boat. Masts for certain classes may be stored elsewhere as directed by the Racking Officer. Again, make sure the mast is clearly marked. If not clearly marked your goods may be mistaken by the board as not authorised and you run the risk of them being moved, removed or impounded.
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