RS Aero State Championship 2018

Sailing Instructions for The Life Aquatic RS AERO NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017/2018

Courses for The Life Aquatic RS AERO NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017/2018




3 and 4th February 2018


The RS Aero NSW State Championship Regatta 2018 will be held the 3rd and 4th of February 2018. The Organising Authority is the Balmoral Sailing Club Inc. (BSC).   


1. Rules

The regatta will be governed by the “rules” as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), Australian Sailing Special Regulations, Addendum “A Part 2 (Off the Beach Boats)” will apply to all entrants.  


2. Eligibility and Entry


2.1  The regatta is open to RS Aero 5,7 and 9 rigs.


2.2  Eligible boats may enter using the online entries are now open. Entries will close at 1700hrs on Monday 29 January  2018. Enter Here.


2.3  Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority. If this rule is broken, World Sailing Regulation 20.9.2 applies.


3.  Fees

   3.1    $75 inc GST

   3.2   All fees must be paid by 1700hrs on Monday 29 January  2018.


4. Schedule of Events


Friday 2 February 2018

BSC will be open from 0930hrs to competitors for a coaching session. Note that BSC will not have any rescue or race management boats on the water on this day.  Coaching  provided by The Life Aquatic.


Saturday 3rd February 2018


  • -  Notification of changes to sail numbers etc. can be received by the Organising Authority in the Regatta Office.


           - Competitor briefing in the Club Lounge.



          - Racing. Warning signal 1200hrs.


Sunday 4th February 2018



Racing. Warning signal 1100hrs


On the last scheduled day of racing no warning signal will be made later than 1500 hours.


Presentation of results/prizes will occur in the Club  after completion of racing.


5.   Measurement

Measurement checks and inspections may be carried out at any time. A boat notified of an inspection shall follow the instructions of the Race Committee.


6.  Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions will be available when registering at the Regatta Office at BSC the Organising Authority and may be available earlier on the BSC website


7. Venue

The regatta site shall be the Balmoral Sailing Club  and the racing area shall be the waters of Hunters Bay, Middle Harbour  and the Sound.


8.  Courses

The courses shall be as described in the Sailing Instructions.


9.  Scoring

The Low Point Scoring System of Appendix A.4.1 will apply. A minimum of three races are required to be completed to constitute a series.. When five or more races have been completed, there will be one discard.


10. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded provided that there are at least 5 entries.


11. Coaching Regatta

This is a coaching regatta. In addition to deciding a NSW Champion, the purpose is to provide experience and training for less experienced sailors in a Regatta environment. There will be from time to time on-water assistance rendered to competitors from a Class appointed Coach. This will not constitute a breach of Rule 41.

12.  Entry Disclaimer


  1. It is the competitor’s decision to enter an event or to start and continue in any race. Competitors shall accept that their participation in an event is at their exclusive risk in every respect. See RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race. Attention is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 1.2.


  1. The Organising Authority, and the respective host club, their officers, members, servants and agents accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended participation in an event or howsoever arising in connection with an event.


  1. Insurance

All boats competing shall have third party insurance cover of not less than AUD 5,000,000 (recommended AUD 10,000,000) or equivalent thereof in any other currency for any accident. All owners/competitors who sign the entry form, or who enter online are deemed to have declared that they hold such cover. All owners/competitors who enter online are deemed to have read and accepted the Conditions of Entry.

13. Further Information



Balmoral Sailing Club Inc

PO Box 20

Spit Junction 2088


TEL: 0421008485

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


14.  Amendments

Any amendments to this Notice if Race shall be posted on the BSC website


15.  Sponsorship

The RS Aero NSW State Championships 2018 are sponsored by The Life Aquatic.


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