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The Formula Windsurfer class is a course-racing windsurfing class that differs from other course-racing windsurfing classes, such as Raceboard, One Design and RSX, because it is a planing-only class and won’t function in displacement mode. What this means is that Formula Windsurfers sail poorer angles to windward but compensate for this with MUCH higher boat speed, reaching 25-30 knots on the course.

The Formula Windsurfer class is a ‘box rule’ sailing class with the following design controls:

  • Maximum hull beam (width): 1005mm;
  • A single ‘hull appendage’ (fin) not exceeding 700mm;
  • Maximum sail size of 12.5m² (11.0m² for Women and Youth, 10.0m² for Juniors).

Formula sailors will usually have two or three sails of sizes ranging from 9.0m² to 12.5m², to cover a wind range of 7-30 knots.  The ‘go to’ sail is the 11m², with a wind range of 12-20 knots.  And while an 11m² sail may sound off-putting, contemporary Formula sail designs are extremely easy to use, with a centre of effort that remains stable even when hit by an unexpected gust.  When combined with the leverage provided by the board width, an 11m² Formula sail is easier to handle than a 6.3m² Wally (Windsurfer One Design) sail.  So, if you’ve done some Slalom or funboard planing ‘ins and outs’ and know port from starboard, then you’ve got what it takes to go Formula racing!

If you want to give Formula a go, Storm-riders Windsurfing Club has a demonstration rig that you can use – just ask us. And while a brand new set-up of the latest gear might set you back anything from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of rigs, $3,000 should get you a competitive second hand set-up, making Formula Windsurfer one of the least expensive ways to get into high performance sailing.


For more information contact:

BSC Formula Windsurfer Class Captain

Adam Craven 

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